Yesterday was our long travel day - almost 800 miles in just over 11 hours.

 Thank goodness for igadgets and personal wifi hotspots. 

Leia and I were fairly comfy but poor PopPop could hardly walk by the time we reached Loveland. 

 A favorite landmark for us - the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel runs under the Continental Divide for 1.7 miles. It's the longest mountain tunnel and the highest point on the Interstate Highway System at over 11,000 feet above sea level.

The last hour was enlivened by a brief rain storm with lots of lightning flashing in the distance. A great welcome to Denver!

Today we admired the chickens and rabbits

and took a delish lunch break

 The walrus and the unicorn

before heading into the mountains again 

to see the property Rachel and John bought last year.

It's beautiful!

At just over 3 acres, with access to at least three fishing lakes, 

it's going to make a great retirement retreat for them, eventually.

For now, it's a summer weekend retreat

with lots of work still to do 

clearing out the dead and fallen trees.

 The climbing tree

We didn't see them today, 

but the property is often visited by moose, deer and - yikes - a bear or two.

And just like everywhere else in Colorado,

if you don't like the weather (or even if you do)

just wait a few minutes and it will change.

We didn't get hit, but it sure looked like rain was on the way.

Tomorrow we load everyone back in the van

and head north for Devil's Tower and Mt. Rushmore. 

Eclipse weekend has begun!