Keystone Fun

Day 2 of eclipse weekend:

An excellent lunch at Ruby's on the Keystone boardwalk,

where another sarsaparilla fan was born. (Raise your hand if you knew sarsaparilla had 2 "r's". I didn't.)

A bit of panning for gold -

that's a hard way to get rich but the little girls enjoyed trying.

A visit to the Crazy Horse Monument

where the visitor's center has changed significantly since hubby and I visited in 2007.

The mountain? Not much change there. This is going to be a very long-term project.

The girls went for a swim in the hotel's second floor swimming pool

while we waited for evening 

and the lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore.

So glad we got to see this - very moving and patriotic with current and former military personnel on stage for the lowering of the flag. 

Tomorrow we're probably going to Custer State Park and Bear Country. And swimming, if the girls have anything to say about it.