Weekend Weaver

Taking Deborah's dish towel weaving class - plus teaching the little girls - has gotten me fired up about weaving again.    

I have very little interest in multi-harness weaving anymore; it's just too time consuming and too hard on my back. In fact, I've put my Baby Wolf up for sale. A tough decision but she's sat in a corner, unused for over five years. It's time.

Rigid heddle weaving though? Simple and quick to warp, easy on my back (when I remember to use a tall table), with lots of interesting things to try.

So Saturday I joined Deborah in her studio for a color blended scarf class. So fun - and done before I went to bed that night, including wet finishing, because . . .
I needed the loom for Sunday's tool bag weaving class.

This one used a variable dent reed (brand new toy tool) so the cloth is sturdier/thicker on the left side (tan yarn) than on the right, which will allow the finished bag to stand upright. 

I finished weaving the fabric at home Sunday night but haven't done the zigzag stitching and wet finishing yet.

I'm a little nervous to cut up my weaving but I'm also excited to have a woven-by-me tool bag to show off.


We'll see if excitement or dread wins out over the upcoming holiday weekend.

Edit: found this pic from Sunday's class online. Fun day!