Clothes Shopping

I seriously dislike clothes shopping. I buy jeans once a year (or two) and hit the Columbia Outlet for shirts when they have a sale, but that's about it. I wasn't always this way . . . maybe it's an age thing? Nahhhh.

We leave on our next big trip in less than a month, so it's getting down to the wire to find  traveling duds. Today was one of our few kid-free, appointment-free days (who knew retirement would be so busy?!) so hubby forced accompanied me to Dillard's in Palmdale (closest place to find formal attire) and then the T.O. mall. 

Good news? I have everything I need except shoes - and it only took us eight hours, door-to-door. Better news? A settlement check from Chevy - that I'd misplaced for months and was due to expire in June - paid for most of the shopping spree. That made it almost worth the aggravation. Almost.