Voice of Science

We love listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson speak and this time was even better - 

 the first 2000 people (including us!!) 
received a free, hand-signed copy of his new book, "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry."

Almost the entire 4,300 seat Dolby Theater was sold out, which was no surprise. 

The man is intelligent, funny, personable and makes science accessible to even the science-challenged (me, sometimes). Plus, he's a voice of reason and logic in these crazy anti-science days. 

LA traffic was kind to us  - 

we arrived at the Dolby before 5:00, which gave us plenty of time for a leisurely dinner, 
 a stroll along Hollywood Blvd to check out the crazies stars, 

and to admire the beautiful architecture in the home of the Academy Awards. A perfect evening.