Baby Beluga

Hubby's latest scheme plan is starting to come together. 

For almost two years, he's been dreaming of getting a long-wheelbase passenger van and converting the interior so we can take long road trips in comfort. Neither of us wants an RV or camper - been there, done that, didn't like it.

So when a 2015 Ford Transit 12-passenger van showed up in ads at a local dealer, we packed up JacJac and headed over.

And found out the van was sold. Disappointed, we headed for home only to get a call an hour later that the deal had fallen through and the van was available after all.

Several hours*, and a test drive later, Baby Beluga was ours.

Hubby plans to replace the last three rows of seats with four captain's chairs, a fridge and table,

plus add a small bathroom in the very back. 

That will give us enough seating when Rachel's family comes to visit or if we take the little girls on an overnight trip. So many possibilities! 

* Jac was happy and cooperative the entire time we were at the dealership. I can't imagine any of our other kids or grandkids contentedly sitting around for 3+ hours. She's such a good-natured sweetheart.