Train Day

So, what was Addy's second request for her California visit?
She wanted to ride a train.
We can do that. 

Rach, the three princesses and I hopped on Amtrak for the one-hour ride to Santa Barbara, where PopPop picked us up and we motored off to lunch and the zoo.
Auntie Rachel is the Queen of Keeping Kids Amused

I think this was Addy's first trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo, so we did all the usual things . . . 
rode the wild hill slide, 
-Leanne showed Addy how it's done-
and feed all the animals we could, including the goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and giraffes. Audrey was the giraffe enjoying the lettuce today; 
Michael, who as Boss usually gets all the treats, was too busy teaching Buttercup to play fight.
I'll try to load the video below. It was hilarious - and beautiful - to watch. 

We were really fortunate - a lot of animals were active while we were there. We saw condors fly; meerkats scramble; lions roar (Chadwick, the only male, was not pleased to be in his nighttime quarters while the younger girls were allowed to move around the enclosure); elephants take baths; hornbills screech; and leopards prowl.  The girls were quite pleased.   
Zoo pics by Addison.