Rainy Day Fun

We got a leisurely start today, letting everyone wake on their own before heading out into a cool drizzle.

The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, 45 miles north of Anchorage, was our first stop.

It rained through the entire 45 minute tour,

but that didn't seem to bother the little girls at all.

Fun fact: Musk oxen are more closely related to goats than to cattle or buffalo. I'd have guessed it was buffalo.

The highlight of the tour was a little calf deciding she wasn't ready to be penned up with her brothers and leading the interns on a (very short) chase. She had opinions and voiced them loudly (so funny!)

Leia took this shot. Very nicely framed.

The little girls got stuffies (anybody surprised??) -

Leia's is named Maggie; Addy's is Pixie Sticks, after one of the newest calves and the only girl among 4 boys.

On our way through Palmer we spotted a sign for Independence Mine State Park, a few miles north of town, and decided to give it a try.

The views and landscape were spectacular

but the girls were disappointed in the lack of kid-friendly, hands-on displays.

Oh well, at least I was happy to get some rainy flower pics.

Our last stop wasn't even on our radar until a friend mentioned she'd seen moose on the trails of Earthquake Park earlier in the week.

We didn't see any moose, or other creatures,

but it was a fun,

interesting little hike

with a spectacular assortment of orange

and red

mushrooms growing everywhere.

Can you spot the mushroom?

So glad we stopped here!



Vickie said...

We have been enjoying your pics. Making it VERY hard for us to wait until next year! Are you going to Homer? The view point park is spectacular on a clear day. (Just having a clear day is spectacular in Alaska!)