Rain, Rain, Rain

It's a good thing we aren't water soluble or we'd never get to see anything in Alaska.

Today was another . . . wait for it . . . rainy day. It drizzled most of the time, pausing occasionally when we were on the move, but as soon as the car stopped, the rain started up again.

We aren't complaining though. It's been so dry in So. Cal for so long, I wasn't sure Leia would know what rain was!

We headed south today to Girdwood and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

It's a drive- or walk-though park, home to many different species of Alaskan mammals.

According to a sign, the Center is responsible for raising and re-introducing a herd of over 130 wood bison back into Alaska after they were hunted to near extinction.
The girls especially enjoyed the walkway over the bear enclosure,

and the opportunity to see two wood bison 'fighting' in another area.

I think our absolute favorite was the moose though. So majestic.

On our way back, we stopped at a resort above Girdwood for flower pictures (and a bathroom break)

and at the Potter Marsh bird sanctuary,

where a local bird watcher showed the girls where three bald eagles -2 adults and a juvenile - were perched in trees across a field.

That definitely made their day.

Tomorrow we head south again, this time to Seward for another boat ride.