Family Time

August is a busy month for us, birthday-wise. We have three birthdays this week, one next week and another at the end of the month. 
Since Rachel and Addy were in town,
we decided to celebrate with a family dinner for this week's celebrants - 

 and Gary and Shelly (their birthdays are a day apart. How sweet is that??)
It's not often I get most of my chicks together  
(we missed you, John and Garrett!), 
so picture taking was high on my agenda. 
And almost everyone was cooperative - 
 Comparing bellies

if you don't count this trio of funny faces.

Ok, so maybe the adults got in on the face-making too. 
Such a fun evening! 
Made all the more special with Travis** hugs.  

** Travis will be a big brother in November. We're super excited!