Shaw House

Jet lag is still with me, so this will be mostly pictures (so I can go to sleeeeeeeeep).

Shaw House was completed in 1581 by a family who made their money as cloth merchants and wanted to become landed gentry.

It passed through 6 generations of that family, until 1728, when it was sold. It continued in private hands until World War II when it was used to house troops and then as a school for local children.

The last family to live here were the Farquhar's, from 1905-1939. The name reminded me of Shrek's Lord Farquaad (same pronunciation). Think maybe I spend too much time watching kids movies??

When structural issues made it unsafe, it was left derelict for more than 10 years before the local council obtained lottery and preservation funds to restore the building.

It is unfurnished and used today mainly for community events and conferences.

During the restoration, original construction details were discovered that had been covered up and hidden from view, sometimes for centuries.

I love that these details were kept intact and are now visible inside the floor to ceiling paneling and other areas.

Immediately next door is St. Mary's Church, just visible through the trees.
We got to listen to an hour of bell practice while we toured Shaw House - bonus!
Still a kid at heart.
Original brickwork hidden behind 18th century paneling.
Leaded windows in the kitchen, which is now the cafe.