At Sea

We boarded Queen Mary 2 in Southampton on Tuesday and spent the afternoon unpacking and getting acquainted with our home for the next 7 days.

From top left: mandatory lifeboat drill; our stateroom and balcony; view of Southampton from our room; after our taxi ride from Portsmouth; the 2-story Grand Lobby.

First day at sea: first formal dinner; the long corridor on Deck 6; attending a lecture in Illuminations (which is also the Planitarium); sunset on the Atlantic.

Second sea day: my favorite portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the wall by the Purser's office; our 3-level dining room, the Britannia; second formal night - don't we look spiffy?; Sandy and I played bingo, and lost of course.

Third day at sea: reading in the Winter Garden after lunch; first blue sky we've seen - it's been overcast and gray seas until now.

The food is fabulous; our room is spacious and comfortable; and we are really getting into this relaxing thing. My only complaint is the difficult and tricky internet connection. There's no connectivity in any stateroom (unless you prop open the hall door and that's still iffy). It's better in public rooms but still slow and tricky. Oh well, guess I'll have to read a book instead . . .



captainhook said...

Wow, the stateroom actually looks comfortable! And you two look GREAT in your fancy schmancy dress-up clothes.