Harry Potter Land

On Wednesday we borrowed both girls and headed for Universal Studios. 
They were sad about missing school (not!!) 
but put on a brave face and tried to enjoy the day.
We'd hoped to get to Hogwarts before the crowds but . . . .
yeah, we missed that window. 
The place was packed. 
We stood in line for one ride, took a few pictures,
then fled to the relative sanity of Minions and the tram tour.

Leia had been to Universal with us in January 
but this was Leanne's first trip. 

She was a little overwhelmed by all the noise, people and activity,  

holding tight to my hand most of the day 
and flat refusing to have her picture taken with any of the characters we saw (unlike Leia, who wanted her picture taken with EVERYONE!)
The girls danced their way through lunch,
ate ice cream (and churros with chocolate sauce - yummmmm!),
then we went back to Harry Potter land 
- where the lines were much shorter, thank goodness! -
to get Leia the magic wand she'd been talking about all day. 
Leanne decided she'd rather have a giant stuffed unicorn - guess she doesn't see herself in a wizarding role quite yet. 

Overall we had a fun day. Hogwarts was a bit overwhelming with the crowds and constant noise; I'd like to go back at 8 one morning - when they let season pass holders in an hour before official opening - to explore the stores and rides. There isn't a lot to Harry Potter land - only 3 rides and the short show at Ollivander's before you pick out your wand - but the atmosphere and set decoration are first rate. We'll definitely be back.