Down Day

Hiking around Blenheim yesterday was a bit hard on the legs, so we took today off from sightseeing. Instead, the boys visited a furniture making shop, including a 45-minute tour of the factory, and had a pub lunch. We girls hit all the charity shops - aka thrift stores - within walking distance.

Sparkly!! Looks much better IRL. £1.50 ($2.40)


I found a scarf/shawl for £2 (about $3.20) that I love; hopefully I can get a decent picture of it tomorrow.

Purple enamel necklace, £.95 (about $1.52)


And I went a bit crazy buying costume jewelry. I love buying pretty sparkly things, but I seldom remember to actually wear them. I really need to work on that.

A brooch with small stones and a bracelet with glass beads and real pearls. £1.50 each

All told, I spent less than $12 for a morning of fun and some sparky memories. Worth every penny pence.



Rach said...

Great finds!