Project Car

Hubby bought a '69 Jaguar many years ago, drove it until it developed engine trouble, then parked it on the side of our house, intending to fix it up as his "retirement project."

Remodeling the house has become his real retirement project, so when the neighbor's fence contractor said "how much?", hubby sold it without a backwards glance.
Then began the ordeal of getting it out of the yard and onto a tow truck. The only way out was through the garage, which is also hubby's workshop. Two days of moving wood and tools and tile and accumulated stuff out - a lot of it straight into a dumpster - and voila, the Jag is on its way to its new home.
Leanne, who probably never even noticed the Jag before today, watched the hour-long tow truck saga with me from a safe distance and kept saying, "I'm going to miss that old car."
Sorry, Leanne, but you're the only one. Have a happy new life, Mr. Jaguar!