N. Carolina

This was the first Halloween

we haven't spent with the baby grands
since Leia was born seven years ago.
Instead, we winged it across the country - in the most uncomfortable seats* I've ever had the misfortune to use #dontflyfrontier -
arriving in Atlanta just before 9 pm. Three hours and 200 miles later, we were in Asheville, ready for today's adventure at SAFF.
Hubby was a really good sport and hung out with me during two passes through the vender halls,
the sheep judging,
alpaca viewing,
and leaf admiring.
He even professed to find it all interesting (he may have been fibbing, but I'm giving him bonus points anyway.)
Once I'd found all my treasures (see below), we headed for the local antique malls.
Hubby found several wood-working planes to add to his collection,
along with two brass side panels from an old cash register.
He swears he has a plan for these, so it should be interesting.
Tomorrow we head for the Biltmore Estate before turning north into the Appalachian Mountains. Fall color, here we come!

Today's treasure trove -

Miss Babs' yarn, in fall colors;
an alpaca fly-fishing kit

(for a friend. This was so original, I couldn't resist getting it.)
More yarn - yak on the left; angora on the right.
Hand-woven basket for my hooks,
SAFF sweatshirt and vest, and more socks! I love souvenir socks - practical, fun and great memories.

*Frontier Airlines has installed new seats - narrow, unpadded, super uncomfortable, NO RECLINE seats - and skinny, unpadded armrests. I'm fairly short at 5'6" and my knees were touching the seat in front of me. Can you imagine how bad it would be for anyone taller?? Virgin America needs to start flying to Denver ASAP so I can say "never again!!" to Frontier.