We started the day in Nashville, rushing around trying to see EVERYTHING, and ended it many hours later, after being stuck behind a shoulder-to-shoulder drunk driver on the freeway; she was too unpredictable to try and pass, so we stayed well back and waited her out. It made for a late arrival at our hotel, but at least she didn't hit us anybody.

First stop was Antique Archaeology.
Hubby and I are fans of American Pickers and wanted to see their Nashville store. It was full of very expensive things from Mike and Frank's picks, many of which we recognized from the show. We also got to eavesdrop on a guy negotiating a purchase and the manager calling (Mike? Danielle?) to get the ok.
Then it was over to the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the one in Greece, built as part of the 1897 TN Centennial Exposition.
We got to walk alllllll the way around the outside before we finally found the poorly marked entrance. The building was interesting, the art collection was ok.
The best part was finding a new-to-us artist we both really like. Morgan Herrin works in reclaimed wood. Check out his reclining knight at that link. Wonderful!
Hubby was curious about all the Shoney's we'd seen throughout the South, so we stopped there for lunch.
Anybody else remember how gooooooood their ice cream fudge cake is??? Boy, did that bring back yummy memories.
We almost passed up going to the Grand Ole Opry; neither of us is much of a country music fan. But we had extra time since the Lane Motor Museum was closed today, so we signed up for the backstage tour.
It was fun seeing the artist's entrance -
the soundstage where Hee Haw and Nashville are/were filmed, currently being used as a holding area for Christmas decorations -
the star dressing rooms and the auditorium seating.
My favorite part?
The plaques listing all the Opry members, from Minnie Pearl (loved her!) to Blake Shelton.

After that, the plan was to drive through to Chattanooga and spend the night there before heading to the airport in Atlanta tomorrow.
But the drive was boring . . .
and I just happened to Google covered bridges . . .
which led us out into beautiful Tennessee horse country, to this little queenpost bridge outside Lynchburg. Long drive but a fun end to the trip.

Unless something crazy happens on tomorrow's 2-hour drive to Atlanta, this ends our Asheville adventure. I'm sad that now I'll have to put my revived Southern accent away. At least until our next trip south.


Vickie said...

What a fun trip; although missing out on the car chase this morning would have been ok!