While the boys got up early to go fishing at Lake Casitas -

Leia and I slept in, then drove through McDonald's for breakfast in our pj's - which Leia thought was hilarious. Once Leanne arrived, the girls did a bit of face painting - 
Leanne knew exactly what she wanted 
and got right down to business,

while Leia perused her options, 
before opting to have grandma do the painting for her. (Note: I'm not planning to quit my day job . . . .)

Meanwhile, the boys were catching . . . . nothing but sun. Such a hard life.
Leanne helped me pin a new shawl (for an upcoming class)
before drowning it with the spray bottle - her favorite part of the process. 

And the boys?
A rain squall caught them in the middle of the lake and they looked like drowned rats by the time they made it to shore. (There was only one rain poncho and the "he who brings it, wears it" rule was applied.) They swear they had a good time, but personally? I'll take indoor fun with the little girls over "fishing" every time!