Boys and Toys

Hubby has been excited about the Apple iWatch since it was announced last year. He ordered one the first day they were available, but not within the first couple of hours. As a result, he was told delivery would be delayed almost 2 months, to around June 24. (insert sad hubby face here.)
But guess what arrived yesterday? Over a month early?
The packaging is beautiful, as you'd expect from Apple.
That white disc in the box? That's the magnetic battery charger - very, very cool.
As you would expect, hubby immediately sat down, read all the instructions and got his new toy up and running in record time.
Yeah, right. Research and set-up is my job. I may not want one (hubby still doesn't believe me when I say that . . . ) but that doesn't mean I don't want to play with the newest tech toy. 
Best of both worlds. For both of us.