Party at the Mouse House

Saturday culminated a multi-day celebration of Leanne's 4th birthday. 

She had cupcakes at preschool on Wednesday (her actual b-day); a present at our house on Thursday
plus a trip to the Disney outlet store to pick out dolls for her new Barbie castle.
And if you just happen to find a princess dress on sale, welllllll, you gotta go with it! Leanne does love Sofia the First.
And Saturday was the crowning glory -
a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with some of her favorite people, 
plus all the ride tokens 
her little heart desired. 
What is it with kids and the Mouse?
Leanne couldn't wait for Chuck E. to arrive - then she was too scared to have her picture taken with him without clinging desperately to Mom. Go figure. 
Then cake 
and presents
and best of all - the ticket tornado! She had more tickets clinging to her hair than she ever caught with her hands.

 I still laugh every time I watch it . . . . 

Happy birthday, my little Leanne!