Leanne wanted to do "make-up" today.
We got out our supplies, 
made ready the "salon" -  
aka we spread a sheet over the white bathroom bench to contain as much of the fall-out as possible -  
and got down to business.
This was the first time Leanne has used the big mirror for make-up; 
normally when we do this she uses a small, hand-held mirror.
She thought this was MUCH better. 

She took full advantage of the extra lighting and space,
with lots of primping 
and posing 
to check her "look".
Four lipsticks, 
 three blushes, 
 two eye-shadow medleys, 
and one eye-liner later, 
she was finally satisfied. 
I think she's adorable*. 
*I also think I better make a dollar store run to restock my supplies. . . .