Way back on the 19th, we took the little girls to Knott's Berry Farm. 
Family photo +1 *

I thought that, even though it was a school holiday and admission was half-price, nobody but me would have this brilliant idea. Umm, wrong
Camp Snoopy was packed, although we discovered later the rest of the park was comparatively empty. 
We made it on to three rides in three hours . . . 

The girls weren't thrilled about standing in line, but for the most part they entertained themselves playing and climbing on fences in the matching My Little Pony leggings Granma purchased especially for this trip. 
And when they finally got on a ride?
 Joy and happiness!
Things went much faster once we left Snoopy behind.
We carouseled,
rode the steam train,
did the face painting thing - de rigueur with these two-
and I'm still surprised Leanne wanted a rocket ship instead of a princess/pony/girly design.
We wanted to take the girls on the stage coach and the Ferris wheel, but the lines were just too long. 
Instead, we toured the old graveyard - the beating-heart grave I remember from my first trip to Knott's is still there and the girls loved it - 
and the ice cream store, which Leia had spotted from the train. Now that she can read, it's much harder to sneak by ice cream/yogurt/candy stores without her knowing.

We took one last swing through Camp Snoopy so the girls could ride the hot air balloons 
before heading to Mrs. Knotts chicken restaurant for dinner (a treat for me and Pop - my favorite is the rhubarb appetizer and he loves the fried chicken.)
Sharing the iPad, aka Red Max

Needless to say, after walking over three and a half miles in eight hours, the girls were just a tad bit tired and slept all the way home. As did their granma.

 * The boy in the window kept photo bombing us, so his mom offered to take this picture. She was apologetic but I thought the kid was pretty funny.