40 in 40

Starting the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge again. Today - the first day of Lent - was the official start date, but I started a few days ago. I had the bug, the time and the places I wanted to decrapify, so why not!

My main goal this round will be organizing the giant, floor-to-ceiling cabinet that holds my photo collection, and clearing out all the scrapbooking supplies I never use. New, labeled, photo-safe boxes (on sale, half-price!) are ready for sorting to begin.
But on Monday, my first stop was the china hutch in my dining room, home to "treasures" from the time hubby and I were first married up to now. 
Many no longer hold memories, or mean as much as they once did, so out they went. Much better - and room for new treasures. Not the spirit of 'decrapifying', I know, but that's reality. I know I'm not going to stop collecting knicky-knacky things; might as well acknowledge it and make room for them.
Yesterday, Leanne and I went though all the toy boxes, tossing some, donating others, and putting the rest in four small, labeled baskets for easy clean-up. She and I disagreed on some things that needed to go, but I bowed to her on most items (and will toss them in the next round if she and Leia still haven't played with them.)

So far, the count is 3 bags of trash; 4 bags of donations, plus several bags and individual items that are going to Leanne's preschool. Whoop! 40 in 40 is underway!