Zombie Lipstick

Look what I finally finished.

This has been lying around, all done except for hand-stitching the binding down - which I enjoy doing - since September 2012. Embarrassing.

The top was a shop sample from my favorite local quilt shop, which is also where I found the perfect Eiffel Tower backing fabric.
I've been calling this the lipstick quilt from the beginning (every shade of red under the sun, just like a lipstick display). Now though, since it's going to be primarily used by hubby when we watch teevee in the evening, it needs a new, more masculine - but still colorful - name.
Which is how it came to be called 'zombie apocalypse'. Maybe we've been watching too much SyFy? (And Sleepy Hollow; love that show.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE this, front and back.....why did you wait so long!!!!


captainhook said...

Wow, it's fantastic!

Sooli said...

Love this quilt and the name. I find that is sometimes the hardest part of a finish, finding the right name!