More Samples

Finished up more class samples - only 2 week after the class schedule came out, so I'm ahead of the game this time. Only 2 more to make - crocodile shawl and a felted bag.

 Rainbow Rabbit  
a really fun project
and great addition to the little girls' Easter baskets (once I make a few more . . . )

Is it a shawl? A scarf? A scarflette??
Whatever, I really like the resulting fabric - so soft and squishy. 
These aren't my colors, so I think I may have to make another one, just for me. Maybe in mink? Hmmmmmmm. 

And I finally got the rockers on my hexagon pony.  She's a bit off-balance, but I'll adjust her stuffing and fix that this week.
Love, love, love my Rockin' Penny Pony.