Learn to Sew

One of my goals for the year is to learn more about sewing (as opposed to quilting). And how better to do that than having monthly projects, with deadlines. I'm a big, big believer in deadlines - or, I should say, pushing up against deadlines in a mad dash to the very.last.minute. finish line.
So, I've joined the Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge. The first Monday of each month, Amber posts a selection of projects that range in complexity from beginner - her "Learn To Sew" series - to ambitious.

I wanted to do two projects* this month, but ran out of time - see 'mad dash' and 'last minute' above. One of the sewing things that scares worries I'm not comfortable attempting on my own is zippers.
Silly, huh? I know I've done them before - my mother was a great seamstress and taught all us girls to sew, but it never really 'stuck' with me.
It took reading, rereading and re-rereading several tutorials before I was comfortable attempting it, but I got there. And lookee what I made -  
a fully-lined, zippered bag. 
I'm ridiculously pleased with this silly thing.

*I WILL get to the appliqued pillow soon. I have all the pieces to make it, and I love the design. The little girls will be in heaven with a tv-watching pillow of their very own at grandma's house.