Family Treasure

This is one of two quilt tops that have been in my son-in-law's family for many years. John thinks they were made by his mother, possibly in the 80's. (Note to self - and other quilters: LABEL your work!)

Both tops are beautifully hand-sewn. This one was a top only; the other had batting and backing already attached.
I picked out fabric for the back and binding, then got my buddy Debbie to quilt it on her long-arm machine. (Do you know how hard it is to match modern fabric to vintage textiles?? Especially when you know there's a strong emotional connection, and you're sooooo afraid of making a bad decision? Bet I spent 2 hours picking this fabric out.)
Once it was back in my hands, I hand-stitched the binding down (at 1.5 to 2 hours per side, that's a lot of stitching.)
Now that it's all done, there's no way in hell-o that I'm trusting this to UPS or the postal service. We'll be hand-carrying it to CO when we go in February. Sure hope John likes it!


captainhook said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous, what a treasure indeed.