Craft Fail

Spotted this cute turkey on Pinterest (where else? Greatest time waster inspiration site ever) and thought "I can do that!" And "how cute for the little girls to give their parents!"

So I rounded up helper #1, some supplies and set forth. First mistake was tracing Leanne's hand on the wrong side of the fabric. Fixed that. Got the hand-print sewn, trimmed and turned right side out, noticing about that point how tiny Leanne's fingers are.

Opened the new jumbo, 32 oz. bag of fiberfill. Second mistake was letting Leanne grab hands-full of the stuff. Cleaned that up. Showed her how to put tiny bits at a time in the wrist opening - she caught on fast and was surprisingly patient with the process (great hand-eye coordination practice, BTW).

We were happily stuffing away, alternating between using a crochet hook, pencil and stuffer-tool thingee, when I spotted a teeeeeeny, tiny, little problem. Do you see it?

The seam on Leanne's teeny, tiny baby finger couldn't take the pressure. Oh, well. This would have been cute, but definitely one of the smallest turkeys ever made.

Leanne and I had fun working together, and it's great to know that Leanne (probably) inherited the family crafting gene. But I think we'll wait until her hands are a bit bigger before we try this again.