Grandparent Day

Today was grandparent day at Addy's school, so PopPop, Grandpa Jim, and I joined her for lunch in the cafeteria,

then headed out to the playground for a brisk recess - 28 degrees! snow!
Addy was in heaven, having three of her favorite adults hanging out with her.

We were back again an hour later, with Addy's parents and her 2 pet rabbits in tow. For her birthday, Addy got to bring something to class for show and tell. Anybody surprised she chose the rabbits??
Both Angel and Benjamin (her new French Angora) were good boys and took a classroom of adoring, petting kids in stride.

Between lunch and rabbits, I finished Addy's surprise Viking hat*, in her favorite tourquoise and pink. She's promised to wear it again tomorrow when she and I (and mom, if she's good) are going to watch How To Train Your Dragon. Cool movie for a cool hat.
*Pattern is Lael's Viking Hat; my project notes are here.