We're all fans of the show, so when John spotted a Mythbusters exhibit at the Denver Natural History Museum, tickets were a must-have.

I expected a static exhibit, one where you look at someting in a glass box, read the accompanying description, and move on. Should have known better!
There were lots of hands-on, try-your-luck displays. Addy loved watching Mom successfully pull a tablecloth off without disturbing the dishes. (Hint: pull down, hard and fast.)

Addy and Dad tried the 'do you get wetter walking or running in the rain' experiment (hint: walking). Addy liked it so much that she ran it again, even though the "water" running off her hair and face looked like yellow, slimy, disgusting mucus in the black light mirrors. Yuuuuuuuck.
We found out that Pop is not faster than a speeding bullet,
that we can't throw a playing card fast enough to do damage, and that Rachel and Addy look great as floating heads. (Classic Christmas card, yes?)
We'd planned to see a show at the museum's planetarium, but it was closed for the day - like every other time we've been there, sigh - so we fell back to Plan B - Great White Sharks" in Imax 3-D.

Great show, especially for animal-lover Addy. One of these trips, I'd really like to see the planetarium though . . . .