Anybody surprised that all three grand-girls chose to be princesses for Halloween? 
  Steampunk pumpkins from Osh. Love them!

Leanne was the only baby grand we got to see in person for trick-or-treating. 
She wasn't sure what was going on, but was willing to get dressed up, grab her candy bucket and head out the door with mom and Poppop. 
She came back with a bucket full of treasure and a big smile on her face.
Addy was Princess Elsa - from a new Disney movie that's coming out November-ish - 
and got to wear her costume for Boo At The Zoo and for trick-or-treating.
Since Addy never wears a coat if she can help it, I'm thinking it was a tad chilly in Loveland tonight . . . 

Glittery Princess Leia 
was accompanied on her rounds by Mary and Daddy, dressed in their best Dia de los Muertos finery.

And last up, Chris was kind enough to send me a picture of Naia and Jasmine in their Halloween duds. No princesses here!
Happy Halloween, y'all!  
Hubby's new Halloween decoration. I don't get the attraction but Pop really likes Smelt Ratface.


Vickie said...

Looks like a GREAT time was had by ALL!!!!