Wedding Weekend, Day 1

This weekend was back-to-back weddings, with nephew Keith in San Diego-adjacent Friday evening, and son Matt in Oak View Saturday afternoon. 
Thursday morning we picked up Addy and her parents at LAX and headed south. We stopped for lunch in Irvine, giving the little girls time to stretch their legs and play a little hide-and-seek.
Then on to Temecula and the hotel swimming pool both girls had been eagerly awaiting. 
Friday morning we hit the beach in Oceanside, at Addy's special request. 
Every time she comes out from Colorado, we try to make time for her to dip her toes in the ocean. 
This time, both girls dipped most of themselves in the water, 
coming back to the car soaked, sandy and very happy. 
Grandma decided her princesses needed new dresses, to which neither girl objected, so back in the van we went for another short drive south. (We got a pink princess dress for Leanne.)
A quick lunch, a carousel ride, 
and it was time to head for wedding #1.