Dances With Hippos

Finished the second, yet-to-be-named, hippo last night. 
Leia gets naming honors, since this one will belong to her once I teach my class. We're calling her "Happy" for now, but I'm pretty sure that will change.
I'd left Happy sitting on the couch while I made the kindergarten run, and wondered how long it would take for Leia to spot her once we were home. 
Answer: not long! Leia grabbed her up and started kissing Happy while dancing with her around the room. Can't ask for a better reaction than that!
Leanne had shown absolutely no interest in the hippos . . . until she saw Leia's reaction. Guess who has now latched onto Hannah? 
Since Hannah is mine, Leanne will be in line for the next one (then Addy and Rachel and Travis and . . . . ) And Leanne's will have embroidered eyes, since she was fascinated by pulling poor Hannah's eyes out of their sockets . 
Happy is significantly bigger than Hannah, the result of using worsted-weight (Encore) vs sock yarn. She was easier to make - bigger hook = less fiddly - but IMHO she's not as cuddly and cute, even with her sweet little tail. 
Since I need to make at least 6 more of these, sooner or later I'll find the perfect combo of yarn-size and cuddle-factor. 
And I'll be able to label them all as "Leia Approved".


Petunia Pill said...

Absolutely LOVE that pink background! So cute! You're going to be the expert on making these by the time you finish them all! I bet she was thrilled! I would be too...and I'm an old fart! LOL Never met a stuffed animal I couldn't just love!!!! Great work. Love seeing these works of yours!

Petunia Pill said...

P.S. The codes that have to be entered in order to leave you a comment are always a NIGHTMARE to read! I don't know why yours always seem harder! It keeps me from commenting more frequently.

Vickie said...

LOVE the pink hippo, such soft colors! I agree with Petunia...it normally takes me 2 tries before I can comment. I thought it was just these old eyes unable to read the codes.