Wedding Weekend, Day 2

Our first wedding of the weekend was at Los Willows in Fallbrook. 
Gorgeous venue, with large green lawns, 
outdoor bar, a pond with walking paths 
and flowers everywhere.

Addy and Leia had plenty of room to burn off energy while waiting for the ceremony to begin, and had even more fun once cousin Anna joined them.
The wedding was beautiful, very traditional and elegant. The little girls thought the bride was a princess come-to-life and followed her everywhere, staying as close as they could get. 
And who knew that Leanne was such a dancing fool? 
She walked in the door, kicked off her shoes and boogied to every song. Definitely the life of the party!
It was great to have most of the family 
together for the evening.
And the weekend was only beginning . . . .


captainhook said...

Yay! Happy Weddings!