Excuses, Excuses

(Guess what?!? Rachel blogged! New Addy pics are here. Hooray!)

Want to see the primary reasons Happy Hippo #2 isn't finished yet? Reason #1 - 
somebody wanted Grandma to play with her, or watch Simon's Cat with her, 
or sing songs, or do anything that didn't involve Grandma holding a crochet hook. Leanne's favorite tactic-of-the-day was taking Hippo out of my hands and putting it on her head. How can you argue with something that cute?
Reason #2 -
somebody else believes my lap is her private domain, for her petting pleasure, and not to be shared with hippo carcases or other hookly pastimes. 
My goal for the long weekend was to finish Happy #2, the last 50% of a sweater and a Tunisian scarf; all samples for my Fall classes. Yeah, right. Didn't touch the sweater; got 3/4 done with the scarf; and maybe, maybe Happy will be finished tomorrow, since Leanne won't be here. 
Provided I lock the d*mn cat out of my craft room. (I have to tie the doors shut since AJ learned how to open them a long time ago. D*mn cat.)