Quilt in a Day - Almost

On Thursday, my buddies and I took a road trip north to Carpinteria and Santa Barbara in search of fabric and yarn, with a first stop at Roxanne's. Their recent newsletter featured a seahorse fabric that looked almost like stained glass, and I Had To Have It.
Needless to say, more than just that one fabric followed me home. I fell hard for the entire line, with mermaids, 
seahorses, jelly fish, coordinating fabric and more.
But I also came home with an idea and a plan! First, I cleaned off a big workspace, 
and made my supervisor a comfy spot* to hang out.
Silly cat has to be near me when I'm crafting (as long as the little girls aren't hanging around; then she's no where to be found.)

Then I started cutting out squares. 
Lots and lots of squares**. 
A lot of little seaming, a little pressing, 
and voila - one almost complete quilt top.
It still needs borders - that's what the lime green dots and the blue wave fabrics are for - but hey, not bad for less than 5 hours worth of work. It's colorful, cheerful, put-on-your-sunglasses bright and I love it. Hoping to attach the borders on Monday and get this off to a long-arm quilter within the week.
* I don't know which of us is funnier - Lily for wanting to be close to me no matter what I'm doing in the evenings, or me, for stuffing a plastic bag with some leftover batting so she'd have a nice comfy spot to snooze. Never say my cats are spoiled . . .

** Waaaaaay too many squares. I was well on my way to a queen-size bed cover. I scaled this one back to lap quilt territory and I still have enough squares to make a child-size quilt for one of the little girls. Or, if I add in a bit of the mermaid fabric, more than one of the little girls.           


Petunia Pill said...

Magnificent! I would have had to had that entire line of fabric too! The colors are fabulous. Love the orange to offset it. And your furry friend....I soooo relate! Mine are the dog kind, rather than the cat kind...but the level of spoiled is identical. Hey, the unconditional love that flows from them...it's the least I can do! Hugs, Annette

Vickie said...

Love, love, love the fabric!!!!!!!!

captainhook said...

Love your quilt top! How gorgeous and fun.