Long Way Around

This little quilt has a long story about how it ended up in my hands.
My sister-in-law's best friend, Ellen - she's my pal, too - introduced me to the quilting blog her niece in Texas had begun writing. I enjoyed Emily's projects and writing style, so became a follower of The Caffeinated Quilter.
A week or so ago, Emily posted about an art quilt she had donated to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. I liked her quilt, and since I'd never heard of AAQI, I wandered over to have a look, fully expecting that this little beauty would have long since been snapped up. 
It wasn't, so I did - and it was delivered to me yesterday. 

I love how this little flower is so cheery and hopeful. And that it will remind me of friendship and connections every time I see it.


Petunia Pill said...

What a beauty! Love how you came by it! My father in law succumbed to Alzheimers some years ago and the disease is near and dear to our hearts. A beautiful treasure you have! Hugs, Annette

captainhook said...

Lovely quilt and story. My aunt has Alzheimer's and is no longer really with us even though her body is fine. I miss her.