Let There Be Light!

Hubby is very handy and can handle most household remodels or repairs, but when it comes to electricity and plumbing I won't let him he prefers to call the pros.

Today's pro project was lighting for the kitchen, a remodel project that's been on-again off-again for awhile, too often getting pushed aside for other, less-involved projects or problems. But tonight, instead of just the one small light over the sink (in the background), we now have hanging lights over the (soon to be rebuilt) bar;
track lights illuminating the (soon to be rebuilt) pantry, cabinet and oven;
and built-in low-voltage lights for the remaining (say it with me - "soon to be rebuilt") kitchen areas.
And by this time next week? I should have a brand new, hand-crafted, hubby-built cherry cabinet to hold my new stove-top, along with the first set of new cabinets around the oven and under the track lights. Sooooooo excited!