Cookie Season

Leia and I were going to cut out sugar cookies tonight, but . . . yeah, lot of work, lot of waiting and neither of us has much patience. We went instead with dropping spoonfuls of dough on cookie sheets and decorating the round-ish results.
Since I couldn't find my cookie recipes (see 'kitchen under construction' below), I used this one for the cookies and this one for the icing. Cookies were kind of bland - will add more sugar and vanilla next time - but the icing was fantastic. Never thought about including corn syrup before.
Leia was a little disappointed that she couldn't use the new cookie cutters, but she got over it pretty quick when I told her she could shake 'glitter' on top of the icing. Some of these have more sprinkles than icing - almost more sprinkles than cookie - but she's happy, so I'm happy.
The recipe says it makes 5 dozen; that would have been about right if I hadn't burnt one pan. And I bet all of these are gone by morning; youngest son and his buddies love sugar cookies.