Rei-Rei Day

We've had the littlest baby grand all week, so I'm a bit behind in posting. Last Sunday was Marie's 25th (!!) birthday. We took her to dinner at Buca di Beppo's and had a chance to meet her new boyfriend, Scott. He didn't run screaming from the restaurant when confronted by 3 rowdy little kids, so we're calling it a success. (Actually, the kids didn't faze him, and neither did meeting the 'rents. Yay, Scott!)

Miles is hiding under the table between Chris and Scott.

Marie, Scott and some friends had gone to Medieval Times the night before, also to celebrate the big b-day, and Marie brought along her new hat - which Naia promptly confiscated. It may not be her birthday, but Naia has the princess smile down pat. It was a nice evening, even though Leia was a cranky-pants (she's teething and miserable). Hey Marie, maybe we should do this again next year!