Baby Jacket and Baby Story

First the baby jacket. I found this pattern on Ravelry - where else? - and fell hard in love, to the point where I dropped everything else so I could make it now.

You start with a circle, add armholes (and sleeves, eventually), then fold the top down and the sides in to form the cutest baby item since the hexagon baby sweater.

This one is a birthday present for Payton, who just turned 2. The next one (oh yeah, I'm making more of these!) will be for Leia. I'm making these slightly bigger than the original pattern so the little girls will have some growing room. (notes on my Ravelry page here.)

Little Miss Nosy heard the camera click and had to come investigate.

And speaking of Leia . . . I'm always careful when she comes to visit to put my computer keyboard and mouse out of her reach. Twice this week I found the keyboard lying on my chair and thought 'hmmm, that's strange; must have forgotten to put it up . . .'

Then I walked in to find this -
Caught in the act

Leia had carefully lifted the keyboard down, put it on her lap and was pounding the keyboard as fast as two little fingers could fly. Guess I better find a new - higher - place for my computer stuff.