Done to Begun

All Done:
552 yards of 2-ply wool. Roving from Louet, their
Northern Lights Wool Top in the 'Mulled Wine' colorway. Hard to believe the short repeats of red, orange and purple spun up into this gorgeous deep red. Almost a pencil-roving, this stuff was wonderful to spin. Personal best for me in consistency and yardage.

Getting There:
Addy's mermaid princess blanket worked, at the request of her mommy, in hot pink, purple and teal. Very vibrant colors that should go well with the current paint job in Addy's bedroom and will look especially vibrant under the white 'Princess' net that surrounds her bed (see it here.)

Barely Begun:
Got the urge to make a lace afghan to enter in this year's county Fair. Found the doily pattern I want to use here and bought the yarn this week. Now I just have to find time to get this finished - along with everything else - by the middle of July. Already ripped out the first four rows once; it was too loose and floppy. Starting again with a smaller hook and fewer chains between sections. Translating thread patterns to worsted weight yarn is definitely trial and error.