Bubbles & Sunglasses

I was going to post about my newly spun and plied yarn - borrrring - but then Leia came to visit and my night went a whole different direction. These sunglasses, that Addy and Rachel bought for our trip to the beach, were the hit of the evening, even though Leia has flat refused to wear them up till now.

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This is also the first time she's let me take her picture without racing behind the camera to "see, see". I actually got some good silly shots of her.

On her way to bed, Leia detoured by the bathroom, pulled aside the shower curtain and insisted it was bath time. She was fascinated with the running water, even more than with the bubbles. They're so easy to please at this age - and darn cute too.


Anonymous said...

Personality PLUS :) v

Anonymous said...

I love your newly spun and plied yarn; not boring to me.

And Leia is absolutely just the cutest sweetie.