UFO Update

Making progress on a couple of UFO's*. A cabled sweater (Ravelry link) from Crochet World, December 2009, made with Valley Yarns 'Northhampton' wool yarn from my stash. Just need to finish the neck (I'm on the third re-do; didn't like how it was in the pattern so I'm making it my own), sew on the buttons, weave in all the ends and I'm done. Hoping to wear this to my crochet class next Tuesday. (Baby hand provided for scale.)
I broke my yarn diet to buy this color-changing cotton. I love how it shades from color to color (brown to banana to orange). I bought the corresponding skein that shades back again so this shawl will go from brown through orange and back to brown. The pattern is Lily Chin's Mock Faroese Shawl that I've made before. I wanted a simple pattern that would allow the yarn to shine - I think this is going to be a winner.

*UnFinished Objects