Fell Off the Yarn Wagon

Went to the yarn store to pick up a check and set my class schedule for the next 4 months - I swear that was all I was going to do - and walked out with $85 worth of yarn. Don't know why Lois bothers to pay me, I just give the money right back to her.

I've been really good about using only stash yarn since January; the only stuff I've bought up until now has been for classes. But the yarn fumes definitely got me today. Going back on the wagon now, at least until after vacation.

  • Zauberball Lace, 860 yards of lace-weight yumminess, in shades of orange because the colors will look like this when it's done. (You really need to click that link; the colors are stunningly beautiful.)
  • Filatura Di Crosa Tempo, a cotton/acrylic blend that looks and feels like silk, in a blend of brown, orange and teals.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I went through some of the shawls from the link to the yarn you bought--gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Your yarn is VERY pretty! :) v

Gigi said...

Color me jealous! I've been jonesing for a lace Z-ball for months, but no one here carries it. The hunt goes on... ;-)