Grrrrrr - and an FO

When I blocked my shawl Friday night, I forgot about how curious Lily is (a nicer way of saying she's a pain in the a**.) Usually, I block projects in my craft room where I can shut the door and keep her out. But this shawl was so big I needed more space, hence the living room layout.

And I woke up the next morning to this - my darling little PITA kitten must have spent most of the night carefully pulling out my blocking pins. Can you say 'not amused'?
Despite Lily's assistance, the shawl - #4 in my 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge - has been blocked, photographed and worn. I love how silky cool it feels; love the drape, love the colors. Project details are here and a link to the yarn creator's Etsy store is here. I think this one is going to get lots of wear.


Wenona said...

Love the shawl. Even with Lily's 'help' it turned out great!

Karen said...

That shawl is "STUNNING" Love it!!!!

capur007 said...

This is the best yet...I love it!! I want it!! Maybe will have to do it!! good job.