Baby Day

Leia spent last night and today with us. As soon as she was dressed today, she insisted it was time to go for a walk. Nothing we could do dissuaded her - she was adamant she was going outside.

Hurry up, Grandma
Blowing kisses
Off and running

Did you notice Leia's walking around in her socks? She's outgrown her shoes - again - so we stopped at Target to get her a pair of tennis shoes (and sandals; I couldn't resist the ones with sparkly flowers) before heading to the newly remodeled kids play area at the local mall.
Leia couldn't believe that all those kids were there just to play with her. She loved anything that had stairs and a slide, going up and down over and over and over again. The girl is fearless.We had one very tired, but happy, baby by the time we headed home.