Moving Ahead

Lots of progress going on around here. I started Addy's new blankie - I'm calling it the 'Mermaid Princess' blanket. The turquoise added to the pink/purple makes me think of Disney's Ariel.

Our bedroom remodel is almost done. The second color is on the walls (2 walls are 'Sly Fox' red and 2 are a neutral tan) and the hardwood flooring is going down.
Nice big baseboards

Tomorrow the new bed arrives. Can. Not. Wait.
Some furniture's back in place. Madam Supervisor, taking her life in her hands paws.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in Addy's new blankie!!

I can hardly wait to see your new bedroom. I want to show (on the blog) Rich your new floors--we want hardwood throughout. :) v