Because I Don't Do Enough Crafts Already

Dick and I are taking a cold riveting jewelry class on Sunday so today was shopping-for-supplies day. You gotta love a class that requires four types of hammers, three kinds of pliers, metal shears and a saw.

Chasing hammer, riveting hammer, nail hammer and plastic mallet.

We didn't need to buy as much as I'd expected - Dick has done jewelry and stained glass work before and some of those tools are cross-craftal - but still managed to spend a fair sum

And that's on top of the spending we did on Monday - bought new curtains for the bedroom and finally found the new bed we wanted at a reasonable price.
Before it's delivered on 3/16, we need to decide on, purchase and install new flooring, paint the walls, hang the curtains and more. Dick's going to be very busy these next 2 weeks. Sunday's jewelry class may be his last bit of relaxation for awhile.


Tanya said...

That sounds like a great class! Have a fun time :)