Wool Eater Blanket

Spent the day crafting with three of my very favorite people - and the evening at a local school board meeting in support of SCIART, our local art/artists program. May I just say that if I had to do the school board thing every week, I'd shoot myself. Just not cut out to sit through the public comments and bu*****t.

Moving on. The blanket for Saturday's baby shower is done and grandma-to-be approved.
This is the Wool Eater Blanket by Sarah London (Ravelry link); it takes a lot of time - the last 6 rounds took an hour each - and uses a *lot* of yarn but it's worth it. I think it's really eye-catching.
This is 3 colors of Lion Brand 'Pound of Love' - white, pastel pink and bubble gum - with an H/5.00mm hook and measures about 38" square. Looking forward to seeing how the mom-to-be likes it.


Rach said...

I think this may be my favorite pattern of yours. I think it is stunning!

Anonymous said...

What happened Thursday night? Any resolution? :) v

Mongoose said...

Wow if the mom-to-be doesn't like it you can send it to me. It's stunning. :)